Sunday, February 03, 2008

SuperBowl Sunday

Guess you are all getting ready for the SuperBowl too huh? With 5 men/boys in the house, what choice do I have? Really all that doesn't matter. I have Artie - that's all I need to be sure The Game will be playing in our home tonight.

Troy and Brenda are going to a SuperBowl Party at church tonight. Mark (their youth pastor) is so excited. He said this is his favorite outreach all year. They have many unsaved and unchurched kids come. They will have a salvation message during half-time and then follow up with the kids later in the evening one on one. I'm sure it will be a great night.

Artie and I are left here with just the little ones. I doubt they will last long. Tomorrow is a school day, so tonight will be a normal early bedtime for them. I will do my best to stay up with Artie. We have our SuperBowl (or Christmas Eve chili) and chips all ready. Emily cooked a crock for us and Brenda cooked a crock to take to church. They ended up getting switched, so Emily's went to church. (They have a contest for best chili, so we're rooting for Emily) Emily is having fun setting up everything. The littles have brought down their Diego table they got for Christmas to eat on for dinner. She has also rearranged the living room with every piece of furniture pointing to the big screen. (Daddy, Artie's loving the big TV tonight!!) It should be a fun night.
As usual, Artie and I are pulling for different teams. I am pulling for the Patriots and he is pulling for the other team?? (I'm so up on all this!!) I hope the Patriots pull it all off.

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