Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Boys in a Boy Room!!!

It's Tackle It Tuesday at 5 Minutes For Mom - so I'm definitely in the right place. I need to get this TACKLED!!!
The girls and little boys switched rooms about a year ago. Brenda and Emily new room got painted all white with bright - almost glow in the dark - pink accents. It looked very cute. The little boys - Stephen, Bobby and Terry - got the girls old light pink and purple room.

Those poor little boys have been living in the girlie room for over a year now. For Christmas, they got new Diego stuff - covers, table and chair, wall stickies, and paint. Their SLOW mama is finally getting the room painted for them. Troy and Brenda helped move out the furniture.

The boys are so excited. This will be the first time they've really had a room fixed up for just them, since they were in the Sesame Street nursery!!

Here you can see what color the room is gonna be. The walls are a light blue and all the trim is gonna be a dark blue. I worked on it the whole weekend Artie was out of town, but didn't get to work on it all last week or this weekend either. I finally decided yesterday that everything else was gonna have to wait for me to finish up there. I'll post more when I get finished.


Lynne said...

I bet the boys are excited! Hope you post "after" pictures! :-D

kellyquinn7 said...


I got some "after" painting pictures up. Hopefully the rest of the room won't be too far behind!!