Friday, December 07, 2007

At the Little Theater

Here are the girls when we went to the Little Theater to see the Velveteen Rabbit. They both said they liked it even better than they did the Little Princess. (I liked the Little Princess better!!) :-) I know I'm the mama, but they look so pretty to me!! Emily seems to be growing up so fast. I think she looks much older than 7.

Here they are with their friend, Briana. Briana was in the Little Princess also. She was one of the "real" rabbits this time. She did great and even had a speaking part.

Brenda is loving the plays so much that she went and tried out for Hansel and Gretel. She didn't get a call back, but said that wouldn't discourage her. She is hoping to try out for Heidi after the first of the year. (Unless something comes to the Gaffney Theater first - that would be much more convenient for mama!!)

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