Friday, December 07, 2007

Christmas Lights in Gaffney

These pictures didn't show up as good as I hoped they would, but I guess that's as good as it gets with my new little camera and taking pictures in the dark!! Just wanted to show you our house at Christmas time.

So I mentioned in a previous post ( about the local college putting out luminaries though our neighborhood. Here is our street. I know it's kinda hard to see.
Cars drive up and down for hours. On the left there is a tractor pulling a hayride coming down the road.
We got our outside lights up, but not the Christmas tree. We were on our front porch and everyone drove by trying to get the tree ready to go in the house. I think this is the longest we've had a tree without decorating it. It sat outside all Saturday night and made it into the house Sunday afternoon. It's still sitting there waiting to be decorated. It looks kinda pretty all bare and green. Terry has hung one little angel he made in Sunday School on one of the lower branches. :-) Maybe tomorrow will be the day???

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