Monday, December 17, 2007

I'm such a bad organizer. Really organization is my gift, but you know your gift can also be your worst quality sometimes.

Sunday night, Terry's 4 year old class was singing for the church's Christmas party. I got Troy and Brenda both to their own Discipleship group Christmas parties - with presents, money for dinner and snacks, got me and the littles dressed and cleaned up for church, got the dessert to take for the Christmas gathering, took the camera. I thought I was so ready. (Artie has a really long work weekend - and was still at work - so I was on my own)

But...the batteries on my camera died in the middle of the first song. Here you can see a little anyway. Terry is on the right side with the red vest on. We just keep playing that little part over and over for him. He loves to see himself on the big computer screen. :-)

Be careful, the volume always seems very loud. You might want to turn it down before you press play.

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