Monday, December 10, 2007

Gaffney Christmas Parade

As much as I'm ready to move from town to the country, there are days where it is handy! Today we bundled up and were able to walk (about 3 blocks) to the town's Christmas parade. It was a beautiful day. Everyone ended up shedding there warm gloves (it got almost up to 70) and loved the parade.

Here's the boys looking to see if the parade is about ready to start. Brenda and Emily walked on down to the City Hall building. They went up to the top floor and watch with Brenda's discipleship group.
Anticipation is building. It's almost time!!!
Here comes Troy's AirForce ROTC unit.
Troy is the tall one in the back.

Here's a back shot of him. That silly boy deleted my only good shot.
And here's the boys favorite parade participant!!! Dora is riding on the back of the jeep too.

Artie had to leave the parade early. He met Troy's ROTC at Ryan's for lunch. The children and I walked back home and began our Saturday house cleaning projects. I went straight for laundry first!!! I think they ended up playing much more than any cleaning that needed to be done.

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