Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday Meanderings

Here are our plans for the upcoming week... so here's the weekly update in red

Artie begins balancing at work this week... did a great job, looking forward to more balancing jobs

More Christmas school - we've had so much fun with this. I'm looking forward to getting to more of the realness of Jesus this week. Loved the movie on the life of Joseph - looking to Mary's coming soon.

A school day at Granny's - working on a Christmas projects which are still to be decided - helped Granny clean her closet, change sheets on the bed, cleaned ceiling fans, got new puppy

Beginning One Wintery Night by Ruth Bell Graham - such a good book - it starts at the very beginning with Adam and Eve - showing the whole reason Jesus had to come to earth in the first place

More Christmas cooking - candy cane cookies, gingerbread house and people - nope, not yet

More Christmas shopping - can't say more here - Brenda will read!! Working on two surprises!!! :-) - still a surprise

More Christmas cleaning - working on the kitchen next - washing down cabinets, walls, doorways, appliances - still working on kitchen

Hopefully begin wrapping presents - not yet!!! :-(

Pick up and address Christmas cards - done

Call and check on my Granddaddy - done, he's going back today for the results of his test, so will check on him again this afternoon

Reading more of my new Beverly Lewis book - Sanctuary - can't wait to see what happens next - I think I like the more true Amish based books better than this one - but this one is good too.

Troy and Brenda will have a Progressive Dinner with their Youth Group this week - a fun night for them

Stephen has wrestling -done - he's doing super!!

Bobby begins his new gymnastics class (moved up from the beginner class) done - began learning a back hand spring

Troy will be working most evenings on the grill - done


Karen said...

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Pam said...

And I thought I had a busy week! Hope you get lots accomplished and have a wonderful week.