Monday, December 17, 2007

God is so good

I just got a little surprise today (a Christmas present from a lady at church) and feel so blessed. You know, as we were having babies, then more babies, then they just seemed to keep coming there for a while... :-) people would always make comments they thought were cute but always trying to make us doubt God's provision. What are you gonna do with all those kids, don't you know what causes that, what about college? They just went on and on.

It has been so fun to watch how God has provided. Artie has been blessed on his job - in every way. He has so much knowledge in his field now. People have blessed us right and left from day one. God has always met our needs. I remember when we had four little ones and were living in a temporary 2 bedroom house and found our we were having twins. I have to admit, my faith faltered a little, but learned to rest in God. When I went in the hospital to have the babies we were still living in our little two bedroom house, but when I was rolled out of the hospital with a baby in each arm, Artie was able to bring me to our new spacious home. Friends and family all pitched in and blessed us. The rooms had all been painted, there was food in the frig, and the beds were even all made and waiting on us. All I had to do was bring my sweet little babies in and keep on going. God is like that. I wonder if we had waited on the big house if the children would have ever came?

So, Brian's the first one to college next year. Thanks to all the wonderful gamblers in SC, the lottery had brought in a ton of money for college scholarships. (what's the verse about the wealth of the wicked?) Brian has a full scholarship for school - books and all.

God just keeps on using his people and those that don't even realize they are helping Him to do His work. I am so thankful!!!

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