Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Once again, God has been so gracious to our family. Christmas was all we could hope for and more. We truly are blessed. We spent our holiday with our family (wishing our closest friends were nearby!!!) and enjoyed each other. Saturday we celebrated with Daddy and family,

(Papa and Karen's house)


Sunday we celebrated with Bobbie and family, Monday we celebrated with our church family, Tuesday we celebrated with Mimi and family and then today we ended it with another celebration at Bobbie's. WOW, what a fun time.

We had a wonderful Christmas celebration with our own "little" family. :-) We have been observing Advent and ended it with a wonderful Christmas eve time of devotion and prayer. We followed it up by watching the Nativity movie. It was a little long for the younger children. I think we will save it to watch again until they are a little older.

We did throw a couple of presents in a long the way. Everyone got new PJ's for Christmas eve.

My favorite present isn't even here yet. While Artie is on vacation, he is going to give the children's fort a makeover. We are gonna paint it, add two more swings (plus fix 2 that are broken), add a telescope and a couple of steering wheels, replace the broken monkey bars, add a sandbox off one side. We were originally getting the little children a child's four wheeler but decided this would be safer and give hours more fun. No running out of gas or waiting on their own turn.

So, a couple of other fun presents...

Brian got me a pretty watch and bracelet set

Troy got Daddy a weight bench

(this is the first year the boys have had jobs and their own money for presents, I think they really enjoyed it)

Brenda got Emily a princess coloring poster and some lotion for Granny.

Emily got Artie wire cutters and me a candle holder with burgandy candles.

Stephen and Bobby got Brian silver chunky jewelry that said Bling, Bling on the box. Fit him perfectly!!! :-)

Terry got Troy a phone from the Dollar Store. He was so excited because he knew Troy had been wanting a phone of his own!!! (he's so sweet!!!)

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