Saturday, December 15, 2007

Saturday in the Quinn Home

Things are clicking right along here at the Quinn house. Aside from Artie having to work all weekend, things are running pretty smoothly. Today is our work day. I am doing some much needed bedroom cleaning while the littles work on their rooms. Laundry will continue to run all day - as most days here.

I went today and got my Christmas stamps. I got the Madonna and Child by Bernardino Luini from the National Gallery of Art. I was so glad the post office had some left with me waiting so long. I'm hoping to get a good movie to watch tonight while I address the cards!! Last night we watched a good movie on the life of Joseph (Mary's husband) while Artie worked late. This was a movie towards our school study on his life. I'm hoping for Winter's End tonight - from the Sara Plain and Tall movies. That's one of my favorite winter time movies.

Brenda has her discipleship Christmas party tomorrow night, so she will be working on her gifts this afternoon after her room is clean.

Terry is suppose to sing with his 4 year old class at the Christmas Celebration tomorrow night at church. I hope with Artie's weird work schedule this weekend, we will be able to make it.

Troy has to work tonight, so he should be good to go. Still trying to make some more money for Christmas presents. I will have to take him shopping later in the week for his gifts. He is excited to be able to buy his presents with his own money for the first time this year.

So, off to clean....

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Susan said...

Hey Kelly
I LOVE The photo of your home!
You caught the leaves changing at just the right time. See you soon!!