Sunday, December 30, 2007

Planning Day - Brenda's School

Brenda's school will pretty much stay the same as far as her books.

I have just ordered The Days Gone By by Ted Jacobs. It is poetry set to music. Emily used A Child's Garden of Song and loved it. I hope Brenda will enjoy this one as much. It has poetry by Eugene Fields (Wynken, Blyken and Nod), Emily Dickinson, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, James Whitcomb and some others.

We are hoping to pick up more of Trial and Triumph - somehow it didn't make it in the rotation much last semester. It's a great book of the history of Christian martyrs.

Brenda's main change this semester is an apprenticeship with a man from church called "Stick" - that's "Mr. Stick" to you Brenda. :-) Stick trains labs for hunting and show. She is going this week for the first time with her Daddy and they will set her training schedule. We've been looking for a while for someone to teach her - so hopefully this will work great. She will be able to learn a lot about raising and training dogs. Hopefully Elmo (our new puppy who still loves to potty in the house) will learn lots too. The goal is eventually for Brenda to raise her own dogs to sell for her spending money. We are training her to find ways at home to make money so she doesn't have to go out in the work force - continuing with her training to be a Keeper at Home.

Here is a picture of the kennels. They have a 10 acres area to train. Brenda is so excited to learn it all.


joan said...

where does "Stick" live? my husband trains coon dogs, but does not have anything like this. I hope this works out for Brenda.

kellyquinn7 said...

Hi Joan,

I'm not sure where Stick is. Artie is taking her Wednesday and we should find out more. She is so excited!!

Hey, when are we stamping again? I'm ready.


Anonymous said...
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