Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas 2007

Hope you enjoy a little of our Christmas. I feel like such a bad mama, I didn't get many pictures. I'll try and do a little better next year. This isn't too bad considering I got 35 minutes of sleep before Artie's mama woke us up letting us know Santa had been there!!! (If you click on the two buttons on the bottom left a little Christmas music will play for you)

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KAlexaLott said...

I came upon your blog through your comment at By Sun and Candlelight (isn't Dawn WONDERFUL!).

Anyway, I noticed that you were looking for blogs written by moms with girls and I have one, it's called In Beauty and In Grace and you can find it here I have two daughters at home, 14 and 8 and I homeschool the 8 year old.

Now, before you go, I wouldn't even BEGIN to compare myself with Dawn, but I am inspired by her and incorporating some of her wisdom into our lives!

We (our family), is also not Catholic, although I SO ADMIRE the way that Dawn and her family, as well as other Catholic families I have met through her, incorporate Christ and their beliefs into their daily lives. So, I guess you could say I am now a Protestant who is following the Liturgical Year (our first year to do this, we started with Advent).

So anyway, I just thought I would pop in and say hello! I have enjoyed reading through your posts and I'm sure I'll be back. I'm usually TERRIBLE about commenting though, but I'm trying to get better.